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5 Stars - 10 Reviews
January 27, 2021
December 30, 2020
October 27, 2020
October 22, 2020
September 14, 2020
November 2, 2019
I rented a unit during a 6 month deployment. The building is in very good condition, and they make moving in easy. Setting up autopayments while I was gone was very simple, and I received monthly emails confirming that the payment was processed. When I moved out, they ended the auto payments as soon as I took the lock off the empty unit. Every time I had a question, they were very easy to get ahold of on the phone and always friendlly and open to my questions. I will definitely use this facility again if needed in the future.
bad biz
May 13, 2019
I have been a cust for years but will be moving my belongings ASAP for a couple reasons. first off rent is due on the first and late after the fifth and they will lock you out after the 2nd if you haven't paid, before you are even late.. after you are locked out and you pay they wont get up off their ass from smoking cigarettes to unlock your unit till after 4 which is no help if you need access to your things. When you call the # on website you wont get any one onsite.. They have some local person that is on her own schedule to lock and unlock units when she feels like it. This is not a good way to treat people who have been paying for years. Even when late they are still making $ from late fees. Another time I had some generators stolen from my unit and they did nothing. They said their cameras weren't functioning properly and the image was too blurry to see anything going on at the time. So much for being at ease with their high tech camera system like advertised!
Reply from Manager on May 16, 2019
Mr. Anonymous, Thank you for taking the time to leave us a review, as they are very helpful for potential customers to learn more about our business. You are correct about several things you mentioned in your scathing review of our business. I personally reviewed all of the notes on your account and you conveniently omitted several very key pieces of information. 1.) This was not the first time your payment was late & the unit overlocked. It was actually the 23rd. time you had not paid on time. The procedure we followed is the same we followed each time your payment was late. Also, it's the same for every customer & in accordance with the N.C. laws regarding storage, fees, & lock out procedures. 2.) When you reported the generators missing, after you left them in plain sight following the hurricane, we offered on several occasions for you & the police to review the cameras. We never got a response back from you. 3.) In September 2018, when your payment was late & your unit was overlocked with our manager's overlock, you took apart our gate latch system to access your unit, which actually constitutes "Breaking and Entering". However, we chose not to press charges against you, even though we had some really good camera footage of you breaking into the unit. 4) Yes sir, the young lady smoking the cigarette helps us part time and was working her full time job on that Saturday. I'm sorry she couldn't abandon her post & her responsibilities to her full time employer to accommodate you immediately. She offered to remove the overlock when she got off in about 3 hours. Even though we had waited 11 days to get our payment, you felt it unfair that you would have to wait 3 hours to have the lock removed. We are blessed with many customers that understand that rules, policies, & procedures apply to them, as to everyone else. I'm sorry the exceptions we made on your behalf were not satisfactory in your opinion. Thank you for your business. My name is John Gurley. I am the owner. Should you desire to discuss this further, my cell phone number is 252-578-1426.. Thanks again.
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friendly staff. clean facility easy to move things in and out.
July 28, 2015
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